Sky Lites Drone Shows FAQ

How long does a Drone Light Show last?

A swarm of drones can fly up to 12 minutes, typically the show time is between 8-10 minutes.

Can a Drone fly in any weather?

We cannot fly in heavy rain. Light rain may delay us, but we do have certain restrictions related to visibility for safety purposes.
We can fly in moderate to high winds. Our typical thresholds are over 20mph sustained and/or gusting over 30mph. Winds are very difficult to predict, and this is a judgement call made by the pilot on site at the time of flight. 
We must follow all FAA guidelines regarding weather for UAV flight, including visibility range and cloud height.
Regardless of the weather, we will always work with event management to choose the best course of action. If any issues arise, we will de-conflict as early as possible.

What is the lead time for booking a Drone Light Show

We typically need 30 days to get all FAA approvals.

How high is the Drone Light Show

according to FAA we are allowed to fly up to 400ft/ 120m in the USA. Other countries have other regulations.

What Safety protocol do you follow

We operate in accordance with all FAA requirements, obtaining airspace permission before each show.

What is included in the Drone Light Show package?

The package includes an experienced Pilot (drone operator), the use of the drone number agreed on, pre-programmed light show music.

Are there any restrictions on where I can host my Drone Light Show?

Yes – all shows must take place within designated airspace approved by local authorities or our team will secure permission as needed beforehand..

How far in advance should I book my show?

We recommend that customers book their shows at least 8 weeks prior so we can ensure availability as well as adequate time for setup before the start of your event.

Can I customize the Drone Light Show with specific colors or images or text?

Absolutely! Our team is happy to work with you ahead of time so we can create custom visuals tailored specifically to your desired look/feel.

Is it safe ?

Safety is always our top priority when flying our drones – all operators are certified professionals who follow strict safety protocols while operating during events.

Do you offer discounts for multiple shows booked together?

Yes – please contact us directly if interested in booking multiple drone light shows as special pricing may be available based upon the quantity ordered.